Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Four

I've previously mentioned my obsession with old houses. I failed to mention that old houses combined with a small town feel plus a really, really great ice cream place is the equation that should be followed to find my future home. That's right, folks: I'm moving to Bar Harbor. Yes, I'm dreaming a little bit here, but I honestly love the place. It's beautiful and quaint and feels just perfect for me. I mean, who doesn't want to live in a place where you don't have to lock doors because everybody is trustworthy and where you could easily walk to the grocery store or buy any adorable, carved wooden animal you want? And that's not to even considering the fact that the ocean is just a hop, skip and a jump away! If that description doesn't sway you visual learners our there, take a look at these:

Maine Survivor ice cream (Peanuts, PB Cups, Chocolate Chip Cookies) from CJ's.  

Forgive the weird was really bright!

Also on the docket for the day was a visit to Cadillac Mountain. Yes, for those of you wondering, the mountain and the car are named after the same guy. We drove to the top rather than hiking which turned out to be a good idea. There were so many boulders and cliffs to climb over that it wouldn't have even been much fun had we been exhausted from the strenuous climb to the top. We actually considered leaving the triplets there for the day and picking them up for dinner; they were perfectly content to climb for hours upon end.  I, being the graceless, clumsy, nonathletic person that I am, was hesitant to join in the exploring, but was eventually coaxed into it. With a little coaching from Dad and the boys, I made it out with only minor injuries. Seriously, I bruised my hip sliding down this:

Sliding down wasn't exactly the plan, but when it comes to me and gracefulness, one has to expect to deviate from the plan! My snafu with my boulder buddy didn't result in the worst injury of the day, surprisingly enough. Connor's leg is all scraped up from when he tried to jump out of the rock formation he dubbed The Box:

The Box is not to be confused with The Cave, which lies at the foot of my boulder buddy. Snapping a picture of the trips in The Cave was my motivation for being a little more adventurous in my rock climbing.

The view from the top of Cadillac Mountain was beautiful! The little rooftops you can see in these next pictures is actually Bar Harbor, my future home! (:

All in all, today was quite the adventure. We achieved the perfect mix of activities that ensured that everybody got to do something they enjoy.

Up Next: staying up late to watch Whose Line is it Anyway (it's only on ABC Family, a channel we don't get at home) and an early morning tomorrow to kick off our day with a 20 mile bike ride!

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