Wednesday, May 13, 2015

the plan

Guess what?? I have my life (mostly) planned out through DECEMBER.

I'm aware that this sounds a tad bit pathetic. But considering the fact that a few weeks ago, I only had a plan through August, this is progress. And I like progress, so I'm just going to be happy about it.

So here's what's up: I'm still a student. Technically.

I did the whole cap and gown walk across a stage in front of a thousand people I don't care about and like 7 people that I did care about thing in April. It was lovely. BUT according to BYU, I don't graduate until August.

Here's why: I got an internship! YAY! But it doesn't start until September. So rather than finding a full-time job that I could only keep for a few months, I decided to keep my current job at BYUtv. But it's a student job, so in order to be eligible for said job, I have to be a student.

So I'm taking New Testament, self-defense, and cycling. This is why I say I'm "technically" a student. I don't feel particularly student-y. It kind of feels like I just show up to a place where other students happen to be studying the New Testament or cycling or defending themselves and I'm like, "What a coincidence! I'm here to do that same thing!" Plus I'm having way too much fun for me to really feel like I'm a college student.

(Notice how I haven't told you where my internship is yet? I'm trying to make this suspenseful. I'm clearly not very good at creating suspense if I feel the need to tell you I'm trying to create suspense....oh well.)

After Spring term is over (June 18th, I believe), I won't take more classes and will work part-time at BYUtv and part-time at another job which is yet to be determined. (If anybody knows of an awesome off-campus part-time job preferably related to editing/writing, help a sista out, will ya?)

THEN when August happens and BYU kicks me out for real, I will cry a lot because I'll have to leave my perfect BYUtv job. Seriously, guys. I love this job. It's been such an amazing experience for me and my coworkers and boss are the We have themed parties every Friday that are gaining notoriety around BYUB for being awesome. Because they are awesome. Last week, for example, we had an airplane themed party. We ate airplane food ( "Would you like peanuts, pretzels, or cookies?"), attempted to make legit paper airplanes (we got SO close, but then we ran out of time and the instructions were confusing), pointed out lots of exits, and watched Delta safety videos. #besttimeofmylife

Where was I...? Oh yes. August. In August I will be leaving BYUtv (SOB!) and keeping the other dream job that I'm going to find here in a month or so and starting my (part-time) internship at (drumroll please!) Deseret Book!

I'm so excited! This internship will teach me valuable skills and give me experience that has the potential to open so many other doors for me in the world of publishing. Plus, Deseret Book's corporate headquarters conveniently looks over Temple Square. Not a bad view, if you ask me!

At this point, I don't know what is going to happen after my internship ends in December, but for right now, I'm just fine with that. Everything has worked out this far, and I have no doubt that the Lord has many more amazing opportunities in store for me come January.


  1. WOO HOOOO! Pretty awesome, Mads:)

  2. I am so excited for you!! I've been anxious to hear how the internship worked out for you...Congratulations, Maddie!! Sounds like an awesome job! :) ♡