Thursday, August 21, 2014


Since Maddie has been out on her mission, we've written letters and emails using the hashtag #onlymaddieunderstands to describe those intrinsically Maddie-like things that we can't share with anybody else for fear that they won't understand and/or will think we're super weird. Which, to be fair, they probably won't understand and they probably should think we're weird. But that's not the point. Also, I'd like to point out that having a BFF with your same name certainly has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is fun hashtagging. But that's also not the point. 

Recent usage of this hashtag (or its derivatives) were prompted by things like her reaction to a letter I gave her before she left that was a ridiculously long list of inside jokes/things we quote and my friend being unimpressed when I burst into a rousing rendition of "Looking through Your Eyes" from Quest for Camelot after she said "Look at the sky!"  It had hand motions and everything. Maddie would have been impressed. 

And so even though this song definitely deserves a #onlymaddieunderstands, I'm going to post it anyway, because it's been stuck in my head ever since I quoted Madeline (like Ludwig Bemelman's books with the redheaded French girl Madeline. Hence the italics.) in yesterday's post.  And because this is the best/worst song I've ever heard, so I feel that it should go to the masses. And by that I mean the six people who read this blog.

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